Digital Transformation in Business Controls, Internal Controls, Risk Management and Project Management

Real Time Verification and Validation of Controls, Monitoring, Evaluation and Measurement

The 21st Century is for enterprises that can lead digital transformation while harness the power of technology, data, AI and emerging technologies. ValidatElia is a digital transformation company focused on real time verification and validation of Business Controls, Internal Controls, Risk Management, Project Management, Assessment, Monitoring and Measurement. ValidatElia achieves this through its generic software tools ValidatElia ART (Assess Real Time) and ValidatElia SAAS (Software As A Solution).

ValidatElia ART is a Real Time software tool with generic templates for building check points and reports on a customised model, capable to evaluate and monitor the business controls, internal controls and risk management. ValidatElia ART digitize reports, workflow and verification with automated validation and variance based on set rules. The input of data into the templates can be manual, semi automatic (customised) and automated (customised).

ValidatElia SAAS software tool is a digital workflow with customised templates. ValidatElia SAAS has pre developed templates and also capability to develop customised templates enabling enterprise users to have bespoke reports.
ValidatElia ART and ValidatElia SAAS creates real time visibility to all stakeholders and fosters real time decision making without bias. The digital transformation through ValidatElia software tools reduces Cost, Time and Human Error.

Our Impact and Results

ValidatElia software tools improves real time monitoring capabilities, involvement and transperancy to all stakeholders, quicker decisions without bias. Gain confidence on the strength of Business Controls, Internal Controls and Risk Management. Feel the impact through faster decision making without bias, reduced time cost and human error.

ValidatElia Tool

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Experts to build Reports

ValidatElia offers expertise to build reports using relevant templates that would suit the needs of its clients. Define your needs. The experts build the Reports.

Outsourced Teams

ValidatElia builds, supervises and manages client specific teams to implement the software. The team can consist of inhouse super admin to monitor the implementation or a resource to input last mile data physically where required, ValidatElia can ensure the unbiased information on Business Controls, Internal Controls and Risk Management.

Our solutions and services

Monitor and Evaluate Business Controls, Internal Controls, Risk and Project Management

Business Controls – A family of controls ranging from Internal Controls, Preventive Controls, Detection Controls, Concurrent Controls, etc.

Risk Management – Enterprise Risk Management includes evaluation, monitoring, assessment of various risk at different levels.

Project Management – Projects to be successful involve evaluation, monitoring, measuring.

Digitize Reports, Documents, Workflow, Verification. Automate Validation
Bespoke digital transformation tool to monitor and assess controls and risk.

Internal Audits

Internal Audits cover multiple functions in a business ranging from procurement to production from sales to accounting and encompass every part of the enterprise. To make the internal audit more effective, it is essential to define the scope of internal audit with a space for imagination. ValidatElia is the tool to define your scope while giving space for imagination.

Project Management

Projects are long duration activities with multiple deliverables. These range from CSR, ESG or Impact project of NGOs to infrastructure projects. The entities use ERP and other software tools to record transactions and events. ValidatElia links it to the physical reality and verified and validates to identify any variance enables prompt management decision making,

Physical Verification of Inventory and Fixed Assets

Inventory and Fixed Assets are integral assets of business. They account for a major value of the financial statements and it is extremely important to be sure of the condition and physical presence of these assets. The physical verification of inventory and fixed assets are done periodically. ValidatElia enables real time verification and validation of inventory and fixed assets with GPS, tagging and pictures.

Risk and Compliance

Risk is part of any business. The most successful business is the ones that are proactive in identifying risk and mitigating risk. Risk also needs to be avoided through proactive compliance. ValidatElia is a measuring yardstick to ensure proactive action on risk and compliance.

Impact Assessment and Social Audit

Social projects involve multiple stakeholders from funding to executing the projects. These involve CSR and ESG projects which are in general social sector projects. The regulators and stakeholders need Impact to be assessed. The impact should be monitored and measured to get the best response. ValidatElia tool can provide real time impact assessment and social audit.

Vendor Management

Every business needs vendor registration and to ensure the business operates with the right vendors. Vendor Management thus becomes very critical. The business world is dynamic and thus essential to be updated with changes. ValidatElia enables Vendor to independently upload data based on business requirement and verifies and validates the data, enabling management to deal with the right vendors.

Business Controls

Every business establish business control through process and procedures as will as operational practices. It is essential to follow these established models to reduce control risk. ValidatElia enables management to monitor and assess business controls on real time basis and gather relevant information for decision making.

Verification & Validation

Every business moves through transactions and events. They are recorded as outcomes. It is essential to analysis the transactions and events and further gather information for specific and relevant decision making. ValidatElia does that for you real time. Automated or manual verify and validate your transactions and events with ValidatElia.

Digitized Authentic Reports

No long reports in Excel, Word, Whatsapp or email. You get it all real time in digital mode with ValidatElia ART validating with predefined rules. Focus on the exceptions and delivery timely decisions.

We understand the client industry. We work to deliver solutions and service that add value to the client through digital transformation in Business Controls, Internal Controls and Risk Management. The tools provide digital and automation solutions in verification and validation, reporting and workflow to foster unbiased pro active decision making. While providing software solutions, we also provide experts to support building the formats and resources to deploy and implement these solutions and service. We customise ValidatElia tools as per customer needs. ValidatElia bespoke software tool and solutions to reduce time, cost and human error.

About Company

Leading Digital transformation through Controls and Risk Management

ValidatElia as an idea was conceived by a team of experts led by
L V Rajan Kolath to enable digital transformation of Business Controls, Internal Controls and Risk Management in Enterprise. The ValidatElia tools provide real time verification and validation capabilities with transparency to all stakeholders. The team comprises of domain and functional experts, IT software developers and implementers. ValidatElia reduces time, cost and human error in process in monitoring and assessment through digital transformation. ValidatElia fosters pro active unbiased decision by delivering real time validated information.

Industry We Serve

We serve industries and enterprises with large scale operations and multi geography presence to test and implement Business Controls, Internal Controls and Risk Management using ValidatElia ART and SAAS tools. We lead the digital transformation in enterprises both profit and non profit to ensure the controls are in place and risk is mitigated. The inference from outcome from ValidatElia enables the decision maker to implement further measures to ensure faster attainment of the vision while ensuring sustainable growth and value creation. The real time assessment, affordability, flexibility, universal implementation ability and bespoke capabilities make ValidatElia unique offering to every enterprise.


Business Controls, Internal Controls, Regular reporting of unit heads, vendor management, stock and asset tracking, due diligence

Internal Audit

Automated Controls checking, Internal Controls measurement, Regular reporting of tasks, risk and compliance management, detective controls.


Distributor Audits, Business controls, Internal controls, Logistics feed backs, goods movement review, documentation review, concurrent controls, preventive controls.

Hospitality & Catering

Monitoring consumption, operations management, deployment of resources, business controls, asset management


Stock and fixed assets monitoring, deployment of resources, movement of goods, vendor management, business controls.


Material consumption, stock and fixed assets monitoring, operations monitoring, vendor management, wastage management.


Resource deployment, regular reporting, tracking of activities, multi location activities real time


Asset monitoring, stock monitoring, resource deployment, process and function monitoring


Stock and Fixed Asset monitoring, escalation incident monitoring, operations monitoring


Project progress, consumption monitoring, Progress tracking, resource deployment


Stock and Fixed Assets Monitoring, risk and compliance tracking, customer collection tracking


Asset Monitoring, operations and maintenance monitoring, exception monitoring, compliance tracking, internal controls.


Customer assessment, digitizing documentation, regular monitoring, due dates adherence

Cyber Security

Exception Reporting, regular monitoring, due dates adherence, preventive check monitoring


Project Monitoring, Assessment, Impact measurement, fund deployment monitoring, end use monitoring, resource deployment

Our Team

Meet With Professional Team

L V Rajan Kolath

L V Rajan Kolath

Digital Evangelist

L V Rajan tffh

L V Rajan Kolath

Jaydeep Patil

Jaydeep Patil

New Business Acquisition

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Jaydeep Patil


What Clients Say About Us

We enjoy every conversation and association with our clients as we always find more opportunities to contribute in their transactions and events


    CFO, Apollo Sindhoori Hotels Limited

    ” We have been using ValidatElia since April 2022 for Concurrent Verification and Validation of our operations and process at 45 plus locations across India. The real time visibility and transparency make ValidatElia an effective tool in proactive decision making “

    Jijo C Cherian
      Jijo C Cherian

      Managing Director, Taski Technologies Pvt Ltd

      “ ValidatElia enables regular monitoring of process and function activities and digitised vendor management ”

      Sajumon M A
        Sajumon M A

        Director, Essar Management Services Pvt Ltd

        “ ValidatElia supports our internal audit team to cover 16 office locations and ensure risk mitigation and compliance. We also use ValidatElia for monitoring our team of 650 members under different verticals ”